Tour Des Fiz

Tour Des Fiz


40 km

Passy (Plaine Joux)
4 days

Stroll the rolling mountain

The Fiz mountain range has views of Mont Blanc deep in Haute-Savoie’s biggest nature reserve (Sixt-Passy Reserve). The route takes you into a protected natural setting where water (lakes, waterfalls) meets mineral (Platé desert) against a backdrop of heady peaks. This is the perfect opportunity to meet hotel managers and tickle your tastebuds with local produce.

Must-sees and outstanding sites

  • Sixt-Passy nature site listed as a Council of Europe Biogenetic Reserve
  • Anterne Lake, a former glacier where you can fish for trout
  • Pti’Loups Base Camp, fun-filled accommodation with storytelling, playgrounds and treasure hunts
  • Marmots, ibex, bearded vultures, rock ptarmigan, golden eagles and one of 28 species of orchid